Welcome to my Personal Blog about my weight loss since 2002 with the lap band, at my heaviest I weighed 155kgs and my goal weight is 75kgs which I hope to achieve one day.
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another monday another weigh in

Well its Monday again and I got on my scales first thing and I am now ...... 97.9kg's that's another good loss for the week 1.1kg's so Im really pleased to see the scales showing lower numbers so far I have lost 5.1kgs in 3 weeks.
Last week was a interesting week the family and I all have the flue which hasn't been nice but it still has not stopped me from my daily walks... I also now do not fit into 3 pairs of my track pants they are so big on me that they fall off and the black pants I wore in the photo at 103kgs now fall off me also so I now need to sort out my clothing and get rid of them because I am not going back.
Well I am hoping for a quiet week this week again so I can continue on my weight loss and I need to get my website done ( my cartoon doll site). well the pic is my new hair cut and color its so easy to look after !
Forgot to add that I measured my self for the first time to see the inch's come off....
waist 41 inch's
Hips 46 inch's
Chest 44.3 inch's

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Dianne said...

Well done, you look great. Its such a long on going tiring inspiring miserable happy journey and I think keeping a blog diary is such a good way to keep us a bit more focused. Keep up the battle and get to that goal. You can check out my blog diannesjourney.blogspot.com