Welcome to my Personal Blog about my weight loss since 2002 with the lap band, at my heaviest I weighed 155kgs and my goal weight is 75kgs which I hope to achieve one day.
Please enjoy your stay and come back soon to see my progress.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Went and got a new do

Well on Tuesday I went to collonades to get my new scales and got some fat/water/weight ones for $39.95 at Big W, I dont mind them though they are 1kg heavier than the chemist ones. While out I decided to get my hair cut and its short again but it looks much better and very slimming to my face I will get a photo taken to show you all.

On Sunday We are getting Joshua dedicated at my parents church and after we are going to try and get that photo with joel and Joshy and I and hopefully joel will behave.... if that is possible he is just full of beans ( as you can see from the photo).

Well its 5am and freezing cold so I might go hop back into bed , I have a busy day today a appointment with centrelink and then food shopping which I have not done in 2 weeks, when your loosing weight I find that we dont need to buy as much.

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