Welcome to my Personal Blog about my weight loss since 2002 with the lap band, at my heaviest I weighed 155kgs and my goal weight is 75kgs which I hope to achieve one day.
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Time for a fresh start

Though I can not turn back time I have not always been great with the band I have found since having Joshua that I wanted to get to my Goal weight of 75kg's and so there is no time like the present so I phoned Dr J Toouli.
I went and saw him on the 6th of May 2008 after not seeing him for 5 years he didn't recognize me and said he was so happy with the weight loss and that I should be proud. I got on his scales and I weighed 103 kg's still not under 100 kg's but close. He filled up my band and was surprised that I had only ever had 1 other fill in the whole 7 years and that it looked as if it had been done yesterday. He said he would see me in 2 months time. I also saw my dietitian Nick Wray for a recap and I did admit that my addiction had been farmers union iced coffee and that is why I may of not lost more weight and he told me that in 1 ltr of farmers union iced coffee there was 16g of fat and 800 cal and in a day I should only have 1000 cal so ouch ! no wonder I have been having a hard time with the weight again.
I also found this old pic taken of me in 1999 before my asthma attack I weighed 165kgs when this photo was taken ouch ! but I still love that photo and think I didn't look to bad.

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