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Monday, May 19, 2008

Meeting my prince charming

In 2001 , 3 months after having my Lap-band operation I was playing a online game called Everquest when I met a guy by the name of Tanvaras well that was his characters name.... at first i didn't like him much and I think the feeling was mutual but as I sat playing Tamica my own character I got to know him better.

Well one evening my mouth got the better of me and I said as a joke " One day you are going to marry me" I was so ashamed after and well what should I expect he told me to " get lost" but in more colorful aussie slang and well that would of been the end of that but we started chatting and.....

In September 2001 Tanvaras who's real name is Trent came to visit me in South Australia he was originally from NSW and well he never went home.I weighed at least 130kgs by this stage and he had seen photos of before when I wasn't banded and well he didn't judge me for my looks he said " he liked that I spoke my mind" and so I guess love works in weird ways at times because he sort of proposed in 2003 and what could I say..... I had fell deeply in love with this man.

On March the 6th 2004 we were married in a beautiful garden my son Adien walked me down the garden path with my father and we had my family and my close friends with me and it was a beautiful day. I wore a beautiful white wedding dress that Mum and I got off ebay from America for $170.00 dollers and I honestly felt like a princess for a day. We were taken by Limo to hyatt regency for our reception and at 12 we headed off to the hotel we had booked it well in advance 6 months in fact but they double booked us !!!! so at 12 at night Trent and I found another hotel to stay at for the weekend.... they treated us so well and even set up a romantic dinner with candles, heart chocolates and a special movie , so what nearly turned into a bad ending to a lovely day really turned out better than expected.

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