Welcome to my Personal Blog about my weight loss since 2002 with the lap band, at my heaviest I weighed 155kgs and my goal weight is 75kgs which I hope to achieve one day.
Please enjoy your stay and come back soon to see my progress.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Excess skin and other thoughts

I sit here and know I should be proud of what weight I have lost but I went to buy new bra's my old ones are to big and it was disheartening to find due to so much excess skin I am still 18's and even then the skin pops over the side.... and my cup size is down to c and even then it leaves room.... I have decided I am not going to live looking like I am for the rest of my life and once this weights off I have to do somthing drastic.... people say oh excersize but when you have been this size for 10 years or more it wont bounce back... so yes Im not happy I am size 14 but the skin is becoming such a problem that I dont even like looking in the mirror at my self...

Well on a good note I am now 89.6kgs another 500g loss I am so happy to be into my 80's now and even though the weight loss has slowed down i feel its a good loss.... I am on track to reach my goal weight by October the 28th only 14.6kgs until i reach 75kgs... or at least be close to it and now im into my 80's it doesnt seem that far away to reach.

Well its tax time again as all us here in aussie land know and I feel we should get a decent return back or I hope so I can put some money away for clothing... though my mum has bought me so much great stuff from the op shop that has tags on them even.... I am thinking more of when I reach my goal weight.

Monday, July 21, 2008

So close

Well another Monday , time goes so fast ..... It seems like only yesterday I was starting on this Journey and now Im well underway.... this week I am down to 90.1kgs so close to getting under the 90s and into the 80's, I lost 1.2kgs and I am really pleased.... I now only have 15kgs to go.

I have had another good week and feel relieved that i lost weight... I had thought it had slowed down but seems its working really well.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Interview with Sydney Morning herald

On Thursday 17th July The Sydney Morning Herald had a interview in there essential section of there paper with me to do with my Lap band. It was a fantastic oppertunity to share my personal experience about the lap-band and I am pleased that it is a possitive interview about the band.

I have scanned and posted the interview and you can find the link below.... its scanned so sorry about the quality.


I also found out I have a sinus infection its not very nice I have the worse smell at the moment that just will not go away even with vicks near my nose..... so I went off to the doctors and got some antiobotics so fingers crossed it will go away soon.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Photographed for Sydney Morning Herald Interview

I was interviewed a week ago for Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper about My weight loss with the lap-band and today the Photographer came and took some photos of me down the beach. It was very windy very cold and I have the flue so I wasnt feeling fantastic but he told me they looked fantastic. The interview should be in the Sydney Morning Herald on July the 17th which is rather exciting and it makes me feel better knowing Im helping to promote the band. I will try find a copy of the paper and scan it up or if its on the website Ill post it so others can see but being from Adelaide we dont usually get that paper.

Well as I said I have the flue and its not pretty my head is so stuffed up and I feel pretty icky atm but the worst part is Joel and Joshy have it just as bad and theres not much I can do to make them feel better.... but I try keep them happy with lots of cuddles.

I had a scare though this morning I got on my scales and it said 1500kgs now my scales cannot go up that high and then I found Joel has broken the leg of them so I tried to fix them up and then got on again and Im 91.3kgs another 500g gone Im pretty pleased with that reading... I am also wearing size 14s, Mum when and got me allot of clothing from our local Op shop and they nearlly all fitted some are to small but they look good... I am so amazed at how different I look and I cannot wait to hit 75kgs the numbers are getting lower ! I am on track to reach my goal by October I think.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No more fills

Well my appointment went well with Dr Toouli, he was very pleased with my weight loss and said he feels I will not need any more fills, he also feels I should be at my goal weight by the time I see him next which is October the 7th. So yes no more fills and all seems to be going well and I am on track so I am really happy.

Though to say the least yesterday didnt go to plan... I left at 10.22am on the bus with Adien 12, Joel and Joshua and Joel started to be sick and he and joshie were all dressed up in matching outfits..... I then got to collonades and found I had left a form I needed to put in for Trent at centrelink and by the time I saw Dr Toouli the boys were starting up....

We ended up getting home at 6pm and it was a very long day I had put a lovely stew in the slow cooker on in the morning and I was looking forward to it, only to find my husband had unpluged it and so no stew for dinner..... we will have it tonight.. so I just made easy food and sat and watched tv .

Today I have such a headache and just feel so tired I could sit and curl up and go to sleep but no rest for the wicked they say hehe.....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

1 day until i see Dr Toouli

After a late night drawing I woke up not in the best mood I must admit but i got on the scales and to be honest I have the flue so I really am not feeling to great and I am not a morning person especially after staying up until 2am. Well I am down to 91.8kgs so its another 1.2kgs gone.... and my size 16s are getting loose especially around my legs and waist. I did not measure my self today or yet I will get around to it.....
Tommorrow I am off to see Dr Toouli and I know his scales are different and will proberly not say the same as mine I feel confident that I will make him happy. I plan to have another fill just a little top up as I can fit in more than I should again but I am still loosing weight so I am very happy.... I now have 16.8kgs to go until I reach my goal of 75kgs the numbers are getting smaller.... and I am amazed I have gone from a BMI of 50.6 to a now BMI of 30 I never knew how big I really was I am now classed as Overweight no longer obese thats somthing to be proud of.
I went and colored my Hair yesterday its now darker with copper streaks its actually nice and really makes me look slimmer again, I am very pleased with it but it will take some getting used to, ill get a photo taken and post it. I also bought the bargain of the century..... I bought brand new on Ebay Adobe Photoshop CS 3 for....... $135.00 I was so shocked when I won it, now its just gotta arrive fingers crossed..... I am so happy i have always wanted it and now I will have it !.