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Friday, June 4, 2010

Tummy Tuck Time

I know it has been such a long time since I posted but life with 4 children is not easy especially when they are 3 and under. But I am happy to announce that on the 12th April 2009 we welcomed Jamie into the family , another boy but he was a very healthy big boy weighing 7.9 pounds and very tall for his age.

I was very shocked at how much weight I put on through the pregnancy though as with my other boys I wanted lettuce, cucumber, red onion ect... I just ballooned and weighed 100kgs after having Jamie.... I was rather upset as I had tried really hard but My body did not bounce back to well.

A month after having Jamie I was called in to meet a Doctor regarding my Tummy tuck, though at that time I did not feel ready to go through such a big operation they wanted to put me on the waiting list so I would be ready by the time it came around. I remember meeting my Doctor and being weighed... the dreaded scales ! I was 97kgs and felt just horrible at the time, I was then told about what to expect, what they would do ect. I was told the wait would be 3 months- 9 months...

Well 12 months later I got a phone call to say my name had come up on the waiting list and my surgery date is June the 9th. I had my pre admission appointment last week which went for 3 hours, they checked my weight and I now weigh 90kgs ( dressed) , my heart, my breathing , took lots of blood tests, photo's and asked many questions and explained it all to me.

On June the 8th I meet with Dr Toulli and have all the fill out of my band, I will have it put back after the surgery and well I have not seen him in over a year or 2 now.... I am unsure on how he will react I think I was 99kgs or so when I last saw him.

I am feeling excited, nervous, happy, scared, worried... just wan't it over with ! I have been left with allot of excess skin and fat so to finally have a tummy that is more flat will be wonderful.....

I promise to keep you updated....

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Terry said...

Well, I hope the tummy tuck procedure went well for you! It's only the first step in a long road, really. Recovery can feel uncomfortable at first, and the scars are not a pretty sight. But once it's over, you can really feel satisfied with the results.

-Terry Bayer