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Monday, June 28, 2010

Update and good news

Well its nearlly 3 weeks post op, time goes so fast..... so I had a small school reunion on Saturday night we went to dinner at Italian restraunt , I actually ate half of my meal ! then we went to the boho bar it was a fantastic night and I saw some wonderful people that I have not seen in 15 years, I had so many compliments on how I looked it made me feel so good about my self.

Today I went for a follow up appointment at the hospital and my bellybutton has healed over, my incision line is healing nicely and the seroma has gone down to a point they could not get any out with a needle and he has said I am on the road to recovery...

But then he mentioned the "revision" word.... my cut line is pucked like a curtain top... and it looks like I have more excess skin that was not removed and he said there was allot of skin above my bellybutton that would not get smaller with excersize or liposuction so he said that he feels I should have a vertican tuck.... so he wants to wait for 6-8 months. He also said I would need breast, arm and leg lift and my back would need to be lifted also.... so I have allot getting done and I need to lose 20kgs at least until its done...

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