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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Very lucky to have such a wonderful husband

I feel so lucky to have Trent, he has taken fantastic care of the kids and I know without him I would not of been able to go through with the tummy tuck. I feel its brought us all closer in some way as a family and the boys have been having a blast especially since hubby lets them do things I don't usually let them ! so I feel very lucky to have such a good hubby taking care of us all.... its been very tight but his boss has told him to stay home until Monday the 28th, but thankfully I have paid extra bills when we were paid last so we have not had to live so tight.

So if you do decide to ever have a tummy tuck just make sure you have someone who can help you, though you may feel up to doing things you used to do, your body may not be ready its a big operation and its easy to get tired... and if you have little children such as I do then do make sure you get help.... I have Joel 3, Josh 2 and Jamie 1 and without my hubby I would be in big trouble !

On with op news.... Its now day 10 , the days meld together and seem to be going fast, I cleaned my bellybutton and had more discharge but its all clean and the bedadine is definetly helping... I slept in my own bed this afternoon and it is such a weird feeling, there is no padding and sleeping on my side is not to easy but it was nice to sleep in a bed instead of sitting in a chair.... and I cooked my very first meal tonight Roast lamb with veg.... sitting on a chair is handy ! but I have felt tired allot today... but its been a nice day.

Tip: If you have young children in nappies to change them instead of lifting them kneel on the ground and roll there body to one side, clean then lay clean nappy down then roll them back onto the nappy.... makes nappy change time easier.

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