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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Itchy itchy itchy and other thoughts

So today I went out for lunch with Mum, Dad, and Auntie and I wore my size 14 jeans and there was room and I am only 12 days post op.....  I had roast pork my favourite and it was lovely.... but I did get tired as time went by and above my pubic area got rather painful so I got some new wound dressings and was glad to come home.

I came home and took the tape off my bellybutton and my tummy tuck wound and its not looking to bad , its gone dark and some places were dried over and I had to hold my breath to pull the tape off my pubic area .... it was rather painful I wish I had shaved but was told I did not need to. So its now all clean and my bellybutton is looking allot better.

So tonight I had to do allot of soul searching I was feeling rather emotional over the whole op.... like don't get me wrong I know its early days and the swelling is still there but above my bellybutton gives me concern, there is allot of skin still located there and my abs do not feel tight.... I have been able to stand straight since day 3 or so , so it had me wondering did the doctor tighten my muscles and if she didn't will it mean if i loose more weight will I need a revision.....  My husband told me to ask the doctor on Tuesday and to be patient..... I know as a public patient there is not much choice but for me this was a big thing I wanted it done properly as its somthing I do not wish to do again and I can't help but have concern....

I think I shall write a artical on going through the public health system to have a tummy tuck done to help answer some questions others may have.....

Tip: Look at purchasing a Recliner or hiring one for when you get home if you don't already have one, I was lucky to already own a electric recliner and its been the most comfortble chair and bed for the last 8 days..... Its handy to sit up while you sleep with your legs up so I am so lucky to have one.

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