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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tummy tuck first 5 days

Day 1 Wednesday

I was due to be at the hospital at 12.30 on Wednesday the 8th June, I left that morning on the bus and arrived by 12.00 I went to the day surgery section and within a hour i met with a nurse who went through my paper work.... at 1.30 a nurse came with my surgeon Dr Dean came and draw up my tummy and got me into a nightgown ect.... at 3.00 i was taken to a area where a girl was having the lap-band done was waiting I gave her some tips and wished her luck then at 4.00 i was taken into the pre op area..... I was given a needle then they put a drain in my arm i was taken into the operating theatre and that is all I remember...

I remember looking at the clock post op at 7.30 feeling very tired, and sleepy but not sickly ... i was not sore at that time, I was then taken to my ward in the private hospital .... where i had my own pain pump which was rather helpful... i was asked to breathe in deep and cough which hurt like hell but other than that no real pain.... just a sore throat and dry nose. I ate half a sandwich and 2 dry crackers that evening and inbetween sleeping i spoke to trent not that i was fully aware of my self at that stage but i was missing them a ton.

Day 2 Thursday

Today was allot more painful I had to get out of bed today to go to the toilet which was rather painful, i found a rolled up blanket pressed down on my tummy helped allot... I had half a piece of toast for breakfast and couple of mouthfuls of weetbix with hot milk and some apple juice, it was rather cooling on my throat. I again had the pain pump to use and i had more blood tests as my iron levels droped to 70.

The doctor was very pleased with how i was healing, the left side drain was removed and she is very pleased with how i was getting out of bed alone, she said i will still need to stay in for 1 to 2 days more.

I got to have a shower today and felt allot better after, coughing and getting up out of bed is painful but breathing deeply helps.

Day 3 Friday

Today I woke at 5.15 and felt so much better, i was able to get up out of bed alone with no help and my asthma that played up the day before was allot better so i did not need any more oxygen.

The doctor was very pleased with me today and said i could have the pain pump removed and go on the tablets... panadole and endone. I am now on iron tablets...

Mum came and saw me today, though i was rather sleepy i liked having her with me, its so hard being away from the boys....

Day 4 Sat

Today i woke early again, time is going so slow, got out of bed and went to the toilet, still not able to do a stool its rather painful today.... so much gas and the tablets don't seem to help.

The Dr checked me over and said I was that well that I could go home today, I have stopped draining so my right side drain was removed and I have a follow up on Thursday, she said she was very happy with how active i have been since the op.

I had my suit removed again... its so tight and so nice when you get it off, but i noticed a little swelling today but not much bruising... my waist is tiny ! my size 14's are loose and i know i will not see the full results for 12 months !!!

Mum, Dad Trent and the boys came to get me at 3.30 we came home, felt a little uncomfortble but not much pain on the drive home, just glad to be home with the boys.

Spent the evening cuddling up to Jamie he slept on a pillow on my side slightly .... its past midnight but i cannot sleep so every one else is asleep atm.... and YESS!! passed my first stool and gosh it felt painful but worth it even if it was tinsy..... oh well i will update tommorrow and get pics taken.... i have a rather sexy curvy waist now and wow my pubic area looks um huge ! lol reduction any one ! but i am so happy with the results so far...

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