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Friday, October 10, 2008

Heyas all

Well I am so sorry its been a while but this pregnancy has been full of morning sickness which happens most days... and then lasts all day. I am now 11 weeks pregnant and weighing 88.5kgs so I have lost 100g but hey im not trying this time to loose weight.... I am starting to show which for me is unusual because I have never had that with any of my past pregnancies... and my size 14s are starting to get rather tight if you know what I mean !

Well on the 28th of October its my 30th birthday so this year I am planning to glam my self up for the occasion as most of my family have not seen me this small before.... My mum and Dad went and bought me a new top for my birthday its very pretty its aqua , brown and white and it really is my style, I also got a new handbag its white and has a hand painted effect on the front ... Im not allowed to have it until my birthday ! and i bought the above shoes to go with my outfit there so cute I usually keep to those boring black shoes but I decided to try something different.... I have ordered some new pants to go with my outfit also...

So this girls getting glammed up to show the new me..... I tried hard to get near my goal weight but it will happen I think if i hadnt fallen pregnant I would of gotten there or very close.... but I am very happy being 88kgs and to have my last child now is just perfect.... so my goal will wait until next year !

Thanks all for the lovely comments I have recieved I hope my blog will help others who wish to loose weight or have children.... until next time <3

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