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Friday, June 25, 2010

More pics 16 days post op

Its now 16 days post op and my dressings are half off, My belly button is still red and the swelling has gone down and the swelling where they feel I had seroma has not changed.... But I feel its looking good, and can't wait to see the swelling to go down.

My weight goes up and down depending on the day at the moment, doctor told me to not weigh my self until the swelling has gone.... its so hard cos I am one those that weigh's my self daily .... one day I can be 89kgs next 90kgs....

I have more feeling in my cut area especially if I roll onto my side it makes you yelp ! its not the nicest feeling but I am not in pain as such. I no longer need pain killers and if I do its panadole.....

So I am looking forward to heading out tommorrow night to a schoolies meet up , Most of them I have not seen in over 15-18 years and it shall be nice being able to dress up and look slimmer ! most of these people saw me when I was rather heavy... it will be nice to see how we have all changed and if most have kids ect.... we are going via mini bus to the Boho bar in Adelaide.... shall take pics !

Tip: I get asked allot how much weight was removed via the tummy tuck.... I was told 3kgs which will not show until the swelling goes down.... what people do not understand is water weigh's more than fat/skin so what they remove will usually not show on the scales until the excess fluid and swelling is gone.

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Patricia said...

Hello. I came across your Blog while I was researching the word "seroma" in Google. Great job on the weightloss!