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Friday, June 18, 2010

9 Days post op slight infection of my belly button

Its now been 9 days since my op, time does go fast ! I have been taking it easy as much as possible, on Tuesday I started feeling rather unwell, so I went to the doctors and they gave me medication for nausea they said its due to the medication....then my bellybutton dressing fell off and though I have been trying keep it dry I noticed it weeping for the first time yesterday, so today I checked it and noticed in one corner some creamy yellow looking stuff and the inside of my bellybutton is red though not smelly and It feels hot and burning.... so I went to the doctors again tonight and they said it was the starting of infection so I am now on antiobotics and I have to wash it daily , dry it then put benadine on it...... Then I noticed when I sat down on the loo that there was some like weeping and bleeding from my tummy tuck scar , I have cleaned it as best as I could and put betadine on it, though I read this is normal at this stage of the op........ so I have taken some panadole fort and just need to rest up and see my Doctor on Tuesday.

On a good side I now weigh 89kgs , the swelling has gone down a ton and find it only bad at night, and I am standing up straighter... so every day I find things easier and I really am looking forward to seeing my belly.

Tip: I had some pregnancy pads left over from when I had Jamie and have found these handy to put around the cut line above my pubic area and one on each side for the rubbing, I have the full pant girdle and find it rub so it helps for a little but of cushioning.

I have 1 pic of Jamie and I asleep on my recliner taken today when we fell asleep, will post it some time over the weekend.....

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