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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First post op appointment and fill put in my band

Today I had my fist post op appointment, they took out the stitches and said my infection would clear up soon, my cut line looks good and is still healing so they changed the dressing and noticed allot of fluid under my bellybutton , and said it was Seroma so I have another appointment on Monday to check if the fluid has gone down or they will put a needle in there and remove some.... They also told me I cannot pick up Jamie my 1 year old for at least 6 weeks so Trent has to stay home another week yet..... ( photo of Jamie and I in my recliner having a sleep )

I also saw Dr Toouli and I have lost 2.2kgs in the last 13 days, even with swelling so I am rather pleased with that news, he put in 3 mil into my band as I did not want the band to tight and be sick.

He also said he wanted me to lose another 20kgs to have a BMI of 25 ....so I have allot of work to do, though I cannot go to the gym for another 8 weeks so for me thats the big plan to join a gym and tighten whats never been tight before and to lose the last 20kgs once and for all..... he has me on a 1000 cal a day eating plan, and at the moment I have to walk 20 mins a day until my plastic surgeon gives me the all clear to do more....

So any way Im feeling rather tired and will be glad to go to bed !I can now sleep on my side fully so the doc says !

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