Welcome to my Personal Blog about my weight loss since 2002 with the lap band, at my heaviest I weighed 155kgs and my goal weight is 75kgs which I hope to achieve one day.
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Flu season hits

Its the flu season has hit the family its made things not so nice at home even Joel and Joshua has it and the doc says just give them panadole.... and even though Joshy is sick he still has a beautiful smile on his little face. And Poor Trent is very sick I at least am feeling not to bad apart from a annoying cough when I lay down.
well weigh in again and i have lost 600g not as good as last week but its still not to bad , I do know once a month i seem to retain water more and its around this time last month i lost only 400g so Im not surprised.
Well I spent some time drawing again and this little cherub is one of my latest cuties you can see more on my devianArt page, url is in the post below...
I now have 2 weeks until I see Dr Toouli again I think he will be happy with the weight lost since I saw him last.
Ok onto the measurements......
Waist: 35 Inchs 1 inch lost
Hips: 41 " " 1 " "
Chest: 36 Inchs nothings changed there ( yay LOL)

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with a 600g loss. That's completely sustainable. Hope you recover from the flu soon.

Em :)