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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wow 2kg loss back on track

Well I found out I had not lost 2kgs my son broke my scales and there not showing the correct weight.... so sorry folks... what a left down ! I now have to wait until I can get some new scales until I weigh my self again oh well maybe a break from weighing my self is a good idea.... atm its showing on the scales that I weigh 149kgs which is not correct and then it flashes and says 70kgs and well who knows.... I had looked at some weight watchs scales but I heard there not the best so Ill keep looking. Sorry all :)

Well I am on track and I lost 2kg's this week wow I havent done much different just havent been feeling the best. I have had a interesting week this week.... I have been looking at future plans with the weight loss and my friend zowie just happened to come over and she is having a tummy tuck done so I got to see all the paper work..... I have cancelled my appointment with Dr Giffan and I have booked in to see Margaret Anderson who comes to Christies Beach every 2 weeks which is much closer and she does it under the public system... so on the 3rd of Sept at 10 am I will find out all the ins and outs and find out how long I have to wait. Zowie has been told she will be done within 2 months so I may have it done this year, It would be very exciting if I could.

So with the 2kg loss I have 12.8kgs until I reach my goal weight of 75kgs and I have 13 weeks until the 28th of October so I am well on track at loosing that much weight by my birthday or be near to it.

I am also fitting into size 12's yes wow I have always looked at beautiful tiny clothing but never thought I would ever fit into it so I am very happy that now I can fit into it.

So the plan for the future of my weight loss is to : relook at my current diet and add more fruit and veg, keep to 1000 cal maybe a small ammount more, get back on track I have been having a few more chocolates than I need, make sure iced coffee is banned from the house ( Its one my problems).... and to keep the weight off as well as walking more faster and further.... and to give up smoking ! thats a big one I really need to.

well all have a nice week <3>

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